About Us

Mini Diamonds is a public limited company and was established in the year 1987 with a clear intention to cater diamond import and export business, with its clear track records. Today Mini Diamonds is an internationally well known company for it’s cut and polished diamonds.

Mini Diamonds has a factory in Mumbai with cutting edge technology and machinery to process its rough diamonds. The factory cuts and polishes with all modern and sophisticated machinery like Sarin Technology, Auto Bruting Machines, Semi Automatic Polishing Mills and Sawing Machines etc. under Mini Diamond’s expertise and supervision of own staff along with professional expertise.

Mission Statement

"Mini Diamond (I) Ltd. is committed to the adherence to the highest professional industry ethics and standards, by optimally using resources & produces the finest quality products and serves customers worldwide with full satisfaction."

Key Strengths

  • Global Presence - Business: Strong customer base Worldwide
  • Customer centric
  • Best business ethics and track record in industry
  • State of the art manufacturing operations
  • Industry knowledge - Experienced management and marketing team


Mr. Upendra Shah

Chairman & Managing Director

He has 40 years of experience in the field of Rough Diamonds, Cut & Polished diamonds and Studded Gold Jewellery.

He has represented MMTC on many occasions to procure rough diamonds abroad.

Mr. Ronish Shah


He has 15 years of experience in the diamond and jewellery industry.

He is graduate diamond from New York from Gia. He regularly travels to Conakry, Russia, Antwerp and Dubai. He has expertise in procuring rough diamonds. He has experience in big size polished to small size polished manufacturing. He has learnt big size under the Venus diamonds.

List of Directors (Past and Present)

Name PAN Nationality Designation Date of Appointment Date of Birth Date of Ceasing
Mr. Upendra Shah
AADPS4593D India Chairman-Managing Director 12-05-1987 26-02-1947 Nil
Mr. Himanshu Shah
AAFPS3569K India Managing Director 12-12-1992 07-09-1969 28-03-2019
Mr. Dilip Shah
AACPS3613R India Financial Director 24-08-2006 05-11-1957 Nil
Mr. Sameep Shah
BFOPS 0846 C India Non-Executive Director 29-05-2013 11-11-1986 04-12-2018
Mr. Mihika Shah
AEMPS0392H India Non-Executive Director 29-05-2013 15-06-1986 16-10-2018
Mr. Samay Koradia
AFAPK0848R India Non-Executive Director 29-05-2013 04-05-1986 22-10-2018
Mr. Mahadev Desai AFSPD0405M India Director 30-01-2003 01-08-1966 02-02-2011
Mr. Dilip Thakar
AAAPT9655N India Director 08-12-2005 23-05-1958 29-05-2013
Mr. Vikas Naik
AADPN0387Q India Director 08-12-2005 11-12-1965 29-05-2013
Mr. Manoj Makwana
AUBPM9917H India Non-Executive Director 16-01-2019 22-09-1976 Nil
Mr. Chintan Shah
AUCPS1129C India Non-Executive Director 16-01-2019 11-02-1983 Nil
Ms. Usha Makwana
DKRPM0597L India Non-Executive Director 16-01-2019 07-06-1980 Nil
Mr. Ronish Shah
AZFPS5800G India Additional Director 28-03-2019 08-09-1986 Nil